Markham Elementary School Classroom Addition

Markham Elementary School Classroom Addition


The improvements for Markham Elementary School consist of the construction of a 14,753 square foot wood framed 2-story annex building located at the west end of the main school building. The new classroom building will replace 10 existing old portables being used as classrooms. The new building includes 9 Classrooms, a Resource Room, Electrical and Data Room, Storage, Custodian’s Rooms and Toilet Rooms for students and staff.

The new building was designed to incorporate the recommendations contained in the California High Performance Schools Best Practice Manual for good indoor air quality, thermal, visual and acoustic comfort, energy efficiency, material and water efficiency and includes materials with high recycled content, non-out gassing finishes and sun screens at the south facing windows.

A typical classroom at Markham includes a Teaching Wall with sliding magnetic white boards and cabinets, 8 Computer Stations, 20 storage cubbies for students, a sink, tack boards and a TV. Gas-fired high efficiency furnace heaters are provided in each classroom and are capable of providing natural ventilation to the classrooms even when the windows are closed.

  • Address: 7220 Krause Ave.
  • City: Oakland, CA
  • Client: Oakland Unified School District