Martin Luther King, Jr. Middle School Modernization

Martin Luther King, Jr.
Middle School Modernization


A site master plan organizes the site to provide for the school sports program, play and recreation areas, community uses, parking and recycling center. The basic ideas for the site include terracing to allow for water penetration and retention, and an outdoor amphitheater. The use of edible and drought resistant landscaping, where appropriate, was included in the master plan for the site.

The Master Plan allowed for phased construction. Phasing Plans include: Phase I Temporary Housing/Portables and outdoor amphitheater, Phase II Main Building Seismic Upgrade & Renovations and Phase III New Dining Commons Building.

“…like a butterfly out of a cocoon, King Jr. Middle School, courtesy of a splendid paint job, handsome new windows and a nice new roof, has graduated cum laude into architecture.” – Berkeley Daily Planet

  • Winner of 2004 Berkeley Design Advocates Award for Best Public Building Renovation
  • Address: 1781 Rose St.
  • City: Berkeley, CA
  • Client: Berkeley Unified School District
  • Links to media publications: Berkeley Daily Planet