Cafe (Berkeley)

Cafe (Berkeley)


Started as a nine seat counter in a ten foot wide store front, the Rockridge Café was famous for one of the best burgers in the Bay Area. The most recent renovation represented the second expansion we had done for Bill Chung, owner, cook and founder of the Rockridge Café.

The new counter recalled the beginnings of the café and the new booths, punctuated by a copper light fixture specifically designed for this renovation, provided seating for families and larger groups, an option not available in the open restaurant seating next door.

The most recent renovation shares the kitchen with the original dining room, which required some changes and improvements to the equipment and layout. New accessible facilities, seismic renovations and a waiting area were part of the renovations that established the Rockridge Too.

  • Address: College Avenue
  • City: Berkeley, CA
  • Client: Bill Chung